Two Tier Open Wood Locker

24" Lockers $396 each

(for locker room quantites, min. 4 lockers per order)

Our Two Tier Wood Lockers give your locker room a sleek look, provides privacy and also creates ample space and storage for your players.

- Ready to place wood sports lockers are fully assembled.
- Place wood locker against wall or back to back to form rows.
- Redesign your locker room, create more open space by eliminating benches.
- Finished with a highly durable UV finish that will stand up to harsh chemical cleaning.

Available in 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24" widths and 20", 24" depths.

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Two Tier Open Wood Locker

Two Tier Open Wood Locker

18"w x 16"d x 77"h

Two Tier Open Wood Lockers

Wood Lockers to designed to maximize available space

Available in 7 Colors

Two Tier Open Wood Locker in Autumn Oak
Autumn Oak
Two Tier Open Wood Locker in Rosewood Maple
Rosewood Maple
Two Tier Open Wood Locker in Charcoal Oak
Charcoal Oak
Two Tier Open Wood Locker in Cinnamon Maple
Cinnamon Maple
Two Tier Open Wood Locker in Hardrock Maple
Hardrock Maple
Two Tier Open Wood Locker in Espresso Maple
Espresso Maple
Two Tier Open Wood Locker in Driftwood Oak
Driftwood Oak

Standard Features of Two Tier Open Wood Locker

Available Options for Two Tier Open Wood Locker

Locker Specifications PDF

Wood Locker Installation Instructions

AllWood Lockers will arrive four to a pallet, Stretch wrap should be cut from top to bottom between the two black bands with a knife, being careful not to cut into locker. Cut straps, pull cardboard off (it is stapled into skid). Lift locker off skid onto floor. Lockers may then be moved with two wheel dolly from the back only so as not to damage finish.

Instructions, connecting bolts, wrenches, shims,master keys, and list of combinations, will be in locker # 1

Choose your starting locker location and place locker against wall- or against the back of another locker to form freestanding rows. Using a level on the side of the locker place shims between floor and locker to make sure locker is level vertically left to right. Using appropriate lag screws for your wall construction, attach locker to wall- use the two top holes provided in the locker back (located above the top shelf) and use one of the two lower holes under the seat.

Place the next locker alongside this locker and using the provided connector bolts attach to the side of the first locker. If holes do not line up between lockers use shims between locker kick plate and floor to get lockers in line with each other. Repeat with next locker. Every third locker should be attached to the wall with two top lags and one bottom lag. Use shims for lockers that are not in contact with floor, tap in with hammer and pry up with screwdriver so shim will no longer be visible.

Doors may be changed between lockers if necessary.